The Fangirl Series: History and Archives

The blog posts below outline some of the stuff that went on with The Fangirl Series in the early days. (You may or may not know--and may or may not care--that I had a publisher when ALL ACCESS first released. And if you didn't know, well, now you do!) Some of the info in the posts is now outdated, but I wanted to leave them here as a nostalgic little reference because I'm a total sap and those are my babies. (And also because people are curious/nosy. I get it. I am, too.) ;-)

I should go through the posts and remove all the links, but at this point, I'd rather work on new content than spend a bunch of time messing around with old stuff, so just know that if you paw through because curiosity got the better of you, the links are probably not going to be valid. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Anyhoo, I won't be updating this section anymore, so this is just a static little space. It may go away at some point, but ... not yet!