So, What's Your Debut Novel, ALL ACCESS, About, Anyway?

The big news has been broken: ALL ACCESS, my debut novel and the first book in my Fangirl Series, is releasing on June 22, 2016! (The print version will be available in July.) June 22, by the way, just happens to be THREE DAYS BEFORE MY 40TH BIRTHDAY! Can you believe that? Way to send my 30s out with a bang, hey? (My publisher had no knowledge of this when the release date was set. It was total, total fate/divine intervention/synchronicity, etc.!)

Okay, so now that the news is out, I can start squawking about it a little more instead of being so evasive. (The publishing industry LOVES secrets!) The best way I can think to do this is to just run through some of the biggest questions I've gotten over the past few months and see if they touch on what you're wondering. Ready? Here we go!

What's the book about?

A fangirl's biggest fantasy, realized. :-) We ALL have someone we fangirl over, right? This is the story of what happens when one fangirl's dream comes true ... warts and all.

Read the entire blurb on Amazon.

Is this A ROMANCE? *Question-asker either blushes wildly or gets reallllly giddy when asking this question*

So, here's what we're calling this: Romantic Women's Fiction. Why? Because there are some distinct differences between what I write and traditional romances. Romances tend to be formulaic, they're usually in third person (she said, he asked), and they're often (but not always) past tense.

ALL ACCESS, on the other hand, is written in first person, present tense (I say, I ask). It's also written from one character's point of view (POV). It has a breezy voice, plenty of NC-17 language (what? I'm part sailor. Sue me.), and some smexy times, but nothing compared to many of the romances out there.

Bottom line? There is definitely a love story at the core of this book, but it's not written like a traditional romance. Does that help? ;-)

Is this the next Fifty Shades?

Um, hail nah.

Look, peeps. I get the fascination with Fifty, I really do. But if you're looking for another story like that, I'm not your author.

Like I said above, there is definitely some steam between my pages. (Oh yes, there is.) But it's not Fifty Shades sexy. At all. Also? I'm a Cancer, right, so I'm kind of mushy. Therefore, there is a sweetness to my love stories. They're not all just about physicality. I very much explore the emotional side of things and that, to me, makes for a nice, layered story with plenty of depth and solid characterization.

To Jim (my husband): What's Liberty's book about?
Jim: Uhhhhh.

So, no, peeps, my husband has NOT read this book. He has asked to read at least the first chapter and I have yet to send it to him. Why? I dunno. I guess when you're a Creative, you sometimes hold very tightly to the things you create until you're finally ready to let them go. I guess I totally experienced that with this story. Also? He's not exactly my target market. ;-)

Edited to add: I emailed him Chapter One this morning. He hasn't even looked at it yet. So, yeah.

Is this going to become an insta-classic or be shortlisted for some huge literary prize?

Again with the NOPE. ALL ACCESS was written for one purpose and one purpose only: to entertain. That's it. I'm not trying to teach anyone anything or make some huge political statement or even convince you that you should try to take up with your own Fangirl obsession. I just want you to lose yourself in these pages - with Niles and Kallie - for a few hours. And when you're done, hopefully you'll be entertained enough to come back to your own life a little refreshed. And maybe tell a few friends where you "went" for a little while. ;-) #fantasyworldsforthewin

Are there more stories in your pipeline?

Ohhhhh, yes! I am a writer, to my core. Even if I never published a single thing, I'd still write. I love it. It's my "thing." And oftentimes, it's my therapy. So yes, you can definitely expect to see more from me.

As you'll notice on the cover, ALL ACCESS is actually the first book in my Fangirl Series. That means you can expect to see these characters and/or themes again in future books.

Right now, I have a Christmas-themed novella (novella = about half the length of a full novel) already written and ready for my editor. That should be released in November. I'm also a quarter of the way through Book Two in this series, and it's due August 1st. (Eeeep! Get writing, Lib!!!)

I also have a wicked-awesome idea for a Middle Grade series for girls, a super fun and nostalgic Young Adult novel idea, and a Women's Fiction story brewing that will be very hard to write, but would turn out so beautifully once I'm ready to "go there."

Plus, this blog. So yeah. These fingers will be a-flyin.

Okay, that's enough for today. Did I miss anything? Please give me a shout if you have any questions for me. I'd love to answer them for the masses.

Thanks for reading. Now go Pre-Order ALL ACCESS nooooooowww! :-)